How do Rewards payouts work?

In order for you to qualify for a payout, there are two key requirements:

1. You must have an Available Balance of at least $25 (you can check your Available Balance in the extension's Rewards tab or on your My Rewards page on the website)
2. You must have a valid US Paypal account connected to Cently. You can link your PayPal account directly from the Cently Member portal.

On the 25th of every month, Payouts will be calculated and if you are eligible, you will receive payment directly to your linked Paypal account by the end of the month.  You'll also receive notice from Cently via email when this occurs.  Any Rewards that are accumulated in Available Balance on or after the 25th of the month won't be available to be paid out that month and will remain in your Available Balance until the next payout.

Note: Eligibility for payouts also assumes your account is in good standing with Cently.  If suspicious or fraudulent activity has been detected on your account, payouts of certain Rewards earnings may be suspended until the matter is resolved.   

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