A Pending Reward entry in my Referral History table changed value or is no longer listed. What happened?

You may, on occasion, notice pending Referral Rewards in your Referral History table (see How do I view my account History and Settings?) change value or stop being listed there.  The primary reason for this is likely returns of purchased goods.

If the individual that made the originating purchase for a Referral Reward you have listed as Pending returns that entire purchase, it will no longer be eligible for Rewards and will not appear in your Referral History table after that point.  If they were to return just a portion of the purchase, it will also change the Referral Reward amount you receive from it but the new amount will still be present for you.

Note: There may be other circumstances in which the merchant is forced to reject/change a purchase after it's made that we don't have control over.  Anything that voids the originating cashback earnings also voids any Referral Rewards associated with it.  

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