Can I earn cashback with Cently?

The latest version (5.0 and above) of Cently allows members to earn cashback. Cashback rates vary by retailer and can change often, so it’s important to finish your purchase shortly after you activate Cently cashback. You are required to have a valid US PayPal account in order to cash out your earned cashback rewards.

Cashback is only available to registered members who have agreed to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  Anonymous users of the extension can still use Cently to find great discounts with coupons, but are not eligible to earn extra cashback rewards.

NOTE: If you don’t have the latest version of Cently (5.0+), don't fret, it is coming.  We are slowly releasing it out to our users and collecting feedback.

There are a few ways to activate cashback with Cently and you can learn more by reading: How do I activate cashback with Cently? 

You can also earn referral rewards for sending your friends invitations to sign up for Cently!  Find out more by reading: Can I refer people to Cently? 

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