Can I refer friends to Cently and earn Rewards?

Yes. Cently does have a referral program. If you’re a Cently member, you can indeed refer your friends, fans, and followers to use Cently and be rewarded for it!  

By referring friends, we will match 10% of their cashback earnings for the first year that they are members. This will be added to your Cently referral rewards account. We will additionally match 10% of any cashback earned by any friends that your direct referrals invite to the service (for the first year of their respective memberships).  

Example: You invite your friend, Sally, to join Cently. Sally earns $100 cashback in her first year, so you get $10. Sally also invites 5 friends, who join Cently, and also earn $100 cashback each. You will now not only earn $10 from Sally, but $10 from each friend that Sally referred too, so $60 simply for referring Sally!  And you have more than one friend who loves to shop and save money, right?!

Where can I find my referral link?

To refer a friend, locate your referral link inside the Cently Members area, or in the Rewards tab of the browser extension.  Look for your custom referral link, which you can copy and paste.

What ways can I invite my friends?

Referring new members via email, your social media account, or your personal blog are all approved methods of referring new members.  

NOTE: We do not allow paid acquisition of members through search engine bidding, posting on forums, blackhat acquisition methods, etc.  Use your judgement.

Are there any other terms or restrictions?

Generally, earnings have the same rules as cashback... meaning if the referred member returns items or the cashback becomes ineligible for any reason, those referral rewards would be forfeited and removed from your pending balance.

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