How Do I Activate Cashback with Cently?

There are a few different ways to activate cashback with Cently, and this article will guide you through them.  Note that you must be signed in to be eligible for cashback from Cently.

When you visit a website where Cently can automatically apply coupons and cashback during the checkout process, just head over to your cart or checkout Cently will automatically popup.

However, if you wish to activate cashback at anytime while on a support retailer website, you can click the browser extension icon on the Chrome browser toolbar.  Then just click the blue “Activate Cashback” button.  If one does not appear, it’s likely this site doesn’t currently participate in the Cently cashback program.

For websites that Cently cannot apply coupons automatically, or websites that do not offer coupon code discounts, you can still get cashback on sites who participate in the Cently cashback program.  On these sites, Cently will popup automatically when you arrive at the website.  An example can be seen below.
Just click the “Activate Cashback” button, and after a few seconds it should turn green.  Continue your shopping experience as normal. If you make a purchase, your Cently account will automatically reflect the new cashback earnings usually in 24 to 48 hours.
Finally, you may choose to browse the full list of Cashback supported sites.  You can do this from the Cently Member portal at  Just click “Shop” on the Merchant website you wish to activate cashback at.  A new browser window will launch and Cashback will be activated automatically.

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