How do I view my Account History and Settings?

The Rewards and Referral History for your account can be viewed on the My Rewards tab when logged in on, or by clicking on “Take me to my account” from the bottom of the Rewards tab within the extension, after clicking on the avatar icon.

  • The Rewards History displays the individual cashback transactions that were recorded for your account. (see How do I activate cashback with Cently? for more details on this).
  • The Referral History displays the number of users who signed up for Cently using your unique referral link, and the cashback that you have earned from their confirmed shopping trips.

Your account Settings can be accessed by logging in to, clicking on the avatar menu in the top right, and then clicking on Settings. If you would like to access settings through the extension, click on the avatar icon in the bottom right, then SETTINGS in the top tab. From here you can view your account email or click EDIT to access your full settings on

The Settings page lets you change your name, password, link or unlink Paypal and Facebook accounts, and manage other general preferences. 

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